Effects Effects

Tempera has a carefully crafted effects suite: Chorus, Delay and Reverb. Apply them with a light touch!

All effects are processed in the order they are listed in the menus and are applied on the master. Except the Filter which is processed per-voice.

Filter parameters:

  • Cutoff frequency

  • Emphasis aka filter resonance

  • Type of the filter: LP12, BP12, HP12, LP24 and Formant

  • Adjustable Key tracking

Chorus parameters:

  • Depth of modulation

  • modulation Speed

  • Flange sets the amount of feedback

  • amount of wet signal Mix

Delay parameters:

  • Feedback with optional stereo ping Pong

  • Time with optional time signature Sync

  • Color adjusts the bandpass filter frequency

  • amount of wet signal Mix

Reverb parameters:

  • Size of the reverb. Setting this to 1 will essentially freeze

  • Color adjusts a smooth bandpass filter frequency

  • Damp high frequencies from bouncing

  • amount of wet signal Mix

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Delay Mix go above 1.0?

    An active color filter on the Delay will reduce the loudness of echos. To compensate for this you can add some additional amplification.

  • The Formant filter doesn’t seem to do anything.

    Increase the amount of Emphasis, which works as a crossfade between original and formant-filtered.

  • How is the filter routed internally?

    The filter is per-voice. That is, per each key played from a MIDI controller or the Overlay Keyboard, and per each note send from an external sequencer. This also means that when the Filter Cutoff parameter is modulated by e.g. sine LFO, it is applied to each voice separately. To apply filtering to each Emitter, use the Emitter’s Tone filter instead.