Settings Settings

It is possible to adjust many system-wide parameters. These are saved automatically every time the Settings Settings menu is exited. Such as going from Settings Settings to Emitters Emitters or Tracks Tracks.

  • Rec source determines the audio input type and gain

  • When a track is armed and input audio volume exceeds the Rec threshold, Tempera will begin recording.

  • Rec monitor adjusts how much of audio input is sent directly to audio output. This can be used to monitor while recording, or as audio pass-through.

  • There are several Recording modes:
    • Overdub to add audio input to the track.

    • Replace

    • Mix audio input and original. This is similar to Overdub except after each recording the oldest audio is gradually decreases in volume

  • Adjust Pitchbend size in semitones

  • Midi thru between MIDI TRS ports

  • Tempera will Send or Receive midi clock at 24ppqn, or run on Internal clock

  • Set global BPM. The value will change automatically when Clock source is set to Receive once MIDI clock is detected

  • Switch between Type A and Type B wiring of MIDI TRS jacks

  • Velocity curve of incoming MIDI notes

  • LED light adjusts the brightness of the touchgrid and encoder backlight

  • Display light dims the OLED displays

  • Audition volume sets the volume of listening to / previewing audio samples

  • Adjust Tempera’s main audio output Max volume

  • It is better not to unplug an SD Card or Flashdrive without Ejecting it first


Press and hold the Settings Settings button to reveal information about memory usage and firmware version.