• ARM® Cortex™-A72 quad core with NEON™ DSP instructions

  • 32-bit internal processing

  • 16-voice polyphony with per-voice filters

  • A global pool of 4096 stereo grains. This means that all the grains can be distributed to the 16 voices of polyphony, but also all into a single voice!

  • Headphone amplifier

  • 12V/2.5A DC power supply (5.5/2.1mm, center-positive)

  • Dual 6.35 mm jacks for audio output, up to 10Vpp or 13dBu
    (either headphone or separate left and right channels)

  • 6.35 mm stereo jack for audio input, up to 5.9Vpp or 8.6dBu
    (line in or instrument switchable)

  • Internal microphone

  • MIDI TRS input and output ports
    (Type A and B switchable in configuration)

  • USB MIDI host and device ports
    (both capable of input and output)

  • Micro SD card slot and USB flash drive support for storage and data transfer

  • Firmware easily upgradable with a USB flash drive or micro SD card

  • VESA-compatible mounting holes on the rear panel (100×100mm spacing, M4 screws. Absolute maximum thread depth inside Tempera is 5mm)

Health and Safety

Use common sense when handling Tempera. Standard guidelines for handling electronic devices apply, which, among others, are:

  • Use only the supplied power supply (PSU-02)

  • Do not expose the machine to any liquids or excessive levels of humidity

  • Do not use screws longer than 5mm for the rear panel mounting holes


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