External storage

Tempera has a total internal memory of 8GB, and some of it is used for the firmware and built-in samples and canvases. The lossless internal conversion to FLAC happens seamlessly and more than doubles the amount of samples that will fit.

If you’re a sample collector and this is not enough room, you can attach a micro SD card at the front, or a USB flashdrive at the back. On the external storage medium, create two folders, one named “samples” and another “programs” and place your samples and canvases there.

Firmware upgrade

After downloading a Tempera firmware file, place it onto a USB flashdrive or SD card (formatted with FAT32). When Tempera is off, insert it, and turn Tempera on while holding the Round button.

Tempera will then load the firmware upgrade file and provide further instructions on the displays.

Don’t turn off the power before the firmware update is finished.


  • Organize your canvases and samples into folders. There can be as many levels of nesting as you need.

  • You can find the most recent firmware at