Modulators Modulators

Modulators allow changing a parameter’s value over time, to produce a more complex and dynamic sound. Each modulator can be set to an envelope, a periodic wave, or a slow randomized noise. The modulator can be routed to one of the available targets. Multiple modulators can be routed to the same target.

On the Tempera, there are five modulators per voice played, plus a a full ADSR amplitude envelope generator.

The first menu page is dedicated to the ADSR amplitude envelope, while the following pages are dedicated to each of the modulators. These can be of different shape, destination, speed and scaling:

  • Target/Size switches between adjusting modulation target and modulation size.

  • Speed of the LFO with an optional tempo Sync and Phase offset

  • +- sets if the modulation wave is unipolar or bipolar

When a parameter is modulated, a small vertical line will appear over it for each voice played.


  • AD and AR are two-stage simplified variants of the full ADSR envelope – attack-decay and attack-release.

  • You can freely grain-scrub through a sample by modulating Emitter Relative Y with e.g. the Modwheel. Make sure you have enough grain density.