Load and save canvases Save

To save or load a canvas, go to the Load and save Save menu.

The organizational structure for Tempera’s saving and loading is files and folders. There are four top-level folders:

  • System is read-only and contains factory canvases

  • User for your samples and canvases

  • SD Card

  • Flashdrive

You can Enter a folder and navigate with Up and Down arrow buttons, and go one folder up at the top of each folder.

To load a canvas, navigate to it and press Load. Changing canvases can be seamless or jarring depending on how different the two canvases are.

Placed emitters are saved along with a canvas, but played and held notes are not.

To save a canvas, navigate to where you want to save it and press Save. You will then be presented with a text input display:

  • Blue encoder scrolls the text cursor

  • Green encoder scrolls the selected character

  • OK to confirm and save the canvas

  • Cancel and go back to choosing where to save to

  • Insert types the selected character

  • Delete a character at the cursor

  • Random generates a randomized name

  • Shift toggles between upper and lower case characters

  • While holding the Round button, Alt reveals numeric and space characters


  • When loading a canvas while the current one has held and playing notes, these will be carried over to the loaded canvas. Since the new canvas may have a different Overlay Keyboard configuration, the played notes might appear outside of the overlay keyboard. It is possible to release all held notes by pressing the Round button and Clear in the Overlay Keyboard Voice menu.